Please have the ‘A Team’ theme tune playing in your head when you read this…

‘We’ are Steve McQuaid and friends.

Steve has worked in sports education over 20 years, and was most recently Head of Coach Education at sports coach UK. He has worked for a range of organisations such as The Lawn Tennis Association, Bath and North East Somerset Council and The Colchester Institute.

“So what?” I hear you cry.

What you’ll get when you engage with Steve is :

  • a smile
  • a wealth of sport education experience in developing pathways, programmes and learner activities
  • positive advice and quick action
  • humility and honesty when he can’t offer additional value
  • a network of friends and colleagues who might be able to help

So whilst they are┬ánot wanted by the government, or surviving as soldiers of fortune, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can engage Action Provoked.

PS – If you do need to find us it’s not that difficult really. ┬áJust click here.